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Land of the Pure

By Myra Ahmed

Pakistan is a country in South Asia most have little, or no knowledge of. As someone who has lived in some of the world’s most diverse places, my answer to the question ‘where are you from?’ has often been frowned upon. While I constantly made the effort to educate those within my reach, I always wanted to do something more. Pakistan’s mesmerizing landscape, rich culture, and economic potential were in front of my eyes but missed by too many others. I searched for places where I could fulfill what felt like my duty as a Pakistani but struggled to find anything as such.

Eventually, I became tired of the distorted narrative that people had towards my home. So, I decided to make change. A few months ago, I started my own youth organisation hoping to change just a few perceptions. To my surprise, our work had greater power. Today, we have followers from all over the world, with an active website and social media page. Land of the Pure is an organisation changing perceptions and bringing the best of Pakistan to the limelight. Each week, we publish articles by young, passionate writers showing the world the real Pakistan and striving to bring greater attention to what is an amazing place.

However, I still wasn’t satisfied. The fact that I, as a Pakistani, didn’t have the power to make change was unacceptable to me and so, Land of the Pure became more than just a blog. Our site provides budding writers the opportunity to proudly publish their writing and gain a real publishing experience. We want to provide young writers with opportunity, confidence and belief so that they don’t, at any point, feel helpless. As of now, we have featured writing by writers from the UK, the USA and the UAE and strive to publish as many writers as possible. Our work is not limited to Pakistan, but is a movement aiming to help the world break stereotypes and see reality.

Land of the Pure started out as a personal passion project and an outlet, but by putting my work out to the world, I realised that so many people believe the same. The potential in young Pakistanis is exceptional; resilience, determination and passion are all traits we’ve inherited from our soil and each and every one of us will continue to do everything we can to make our country and this world a better place.

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